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Company Name: Jiangsu Province Chemical Engineering Design Institute Co,. Ltd. (CDIJS), formally named as Jiangsu Province Chemical Engineering Design Institute.

Company Address: The address is located in No. 17, West Beijing Rd., Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R.C.

Company staff: CDIJS has more than 150 employees, most of which are highly skillful and qualified, with versatile technical background.

History: Chemical Engineering Design Institute of Jiangsu Province Co,. Ltd. (CDI.JS) was established in 1962. According to the requirement of Jiangsu Province People’s Government and China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, Chemical Engineering Design Institute of Jiangsu Province was the Jiangsu branch of Tianchen Chemical Engineering Company from 1999 to 2004. In June 2004, CDIJS becomes a stock system limited corporation.


Engineering Design Certificate:

Class A Engineering Design Certificate (Chemical, petrochemical and Pharmaceutical).

Class B Engineering Design Certificate (Electricity , Municipal public sector ,Architecture and Environmental Engineering)

Class C Engineering Design Certificate (Substation).

Credit Certificate of Engineering Consultation:

Grade A Petrochemical Chemical Pharmaceutical. Grade B Electricity , Municipal public

Class A Engineering Project Management Certificate (Chemical, petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Electricity , Municipal public)

Pressure Vessel Design Certificate(A1/A2/A3)

Pressure Pipeline Design Certificate (GB/GC/GD)

Grade A Engineering Supervision CertificateChemical, petrochemical Project, Grade B Engineering Supervision CertificateHouse Construction Project

It has a good reputation and a wide of influence in the field of chemical engineering design.

System: In 1998 CDIJS was certified by the ISO 9001 quality system, and in 2000 it was certified by the ISO 9001 quality system of 2000 version. In 2008, it was certified by the QHSE system, including quality, health, safety and environment.

Scope of business: CDIJS has abundant experience in engineering design and can undertake all kinds of feasibility study and project construction application and other technique consultation, technique exploitation, engineering design, project management, EPC, engineering supervision,and Industrial Park planning for projects in the area of petrochemical industry, fine chemical, organic chemical, inorganic chemical, coal chemical industry, synthetic fiber, chemical fertilizer, medicine, transportation and storage engineering, environmental protection, municipal engineering, industrial and civil building, etc.

In recent years, the advantages of business: lithium materials, electronic chemicals, polyether polyols, hydrogen peroxide (including electronic grade hydrogen peroxide), overseas heavy oil power generation, pesticides, pigments, coal gasification, etc. In addition to many domestic customers, foreign / joint venture projects and overseas projects have many achievements and rich experience.


Company advantages

?  Familiar with laws and regulations: participate in the solicitation of opinions on many policies, regulations and specifications of chemical industry, construction, safety, environmental protection and fire protection in Jiangsu Province, and be familiar with all kinds of laws and regulations. Participate in the publicity and implementation of standards and specifications for many times every year, combined with the implementation of many projects, have a thorough understanding of various standards and specifications.

?  Rich experience: the company has a long history and many achievements, especially in Jiangsu, more than 100 projects are implemented every year. We has rich practical experience in feasibility study, energy saving, planning, environmental protection, safety, occupational disease prevention, fire fighting, drawing review, three investigations and four determinations, trial production and completion acceptance, and has encountered and solved many problems. The company can assist the enterprise to do a good job in various services of the whole project cycle.

?  Excellent equipment: over the years, the company's software and hardware have been constantly updated, and most of the office computers use dual screens, which significantly improves the work efficiency. The company has more than 30 kinds of software such as process calculation simulation software, three-dimensional design software, pipeline stress analysis software CAESAR II, pressure vessel strength design software, PKPM structure software, among which three-dimensional design software includes SmartPlant 3D, PDS, PDMS, PDSOFT, which can meet the needs of all kinds of customers. The company has independent access control, independent server, independent office computer special area, which can meet the needs of customers with special confidentiality requirements.

?  Exquisite technology: The company owns or cooperates with a number of technologies, and is guided by technology, and has executed many projects. In recent years, the company has provided safety diagnosis, automation transformation, environmental protection upgrade, HAZOP&SIL and other services to many foreign-funded and domestic well-known enterprises in the province, and assisted enterprises to achieve essential improvements in accordance with current regulations. After years of practice, the company has accumulated a lot of safety (such as: the whole process), environmental protection (such as: wastewater, VOC collection and treatment) and other technical experience, which can provide help for the company's technology selection.

?  Excellent personnel: the company has more than 80 experts, professor level senior engineers, senior engineers and national registered engineers. The project manager responsibility system has been adopted in the company's projects for many years, and the company has more than 20 experienced project managers. Excellent staffing can provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the project.

Professional Technology: Fused Salt Valley Electric Storage by Fused Salt for All day Heating Technology, Professional Technical Number: ZYJS2018-026S. Jiangsu Safety Production Science and Technology Award, certificate number: (Su) Science Award Society Certificate No. 006.

Company honor: Since its establishment, CDIJS has completed thousands of domestic and foreign-funded projects, including nearly a hundred electric and thermal power projects, with performances at home and abroad. Dozens of engineering consulting, engineering design and professional technology have won national, ministerial and provincial awards. Among them, the general design of the third edition of small synthetic ammonia has made important contributions to the development of my country's fertilizer industry. The scientific and technological research projects participated in have won the first prize of scientific and technological progress, the major achievement award of scientific and technological research, and the excellent design award issued by the state, ministry and province. details as follows:

?  Director Unit of Jiangsu Survey and Design Industry Association.

?  One of the 9 energy-saving evaluation units recognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission

?  More than 10 experts in the construction engineering fire protection technical expert database of Jiangsu Province

?  Jiangsu Province Chemical Industry Safety and Environmental Protection Improvement and Improvement Expert Unit

?  Jiangsu Province environmental protection, safety, energy conservation, port (chemical), pesticide licensing and other expert units

?  It has won many "National Chemical Industry Quality Engineering Award", "Excellent engineering design award of China Petroleum and chemical industry survey and Design Association", "Excellent engineering consulting achievement award of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission" and "Jiangsu safety production science and Technology Award".

?  AAA credit rating of China Petroleum and chemical industry survey and Design Association

?  AAA credit consulting enterprise in Jiangsu Province

?  Advanced unit of survey and design quality management in Jiangsu Province

?  Jiangsu safety production science and Technology Award

?  Completed a number of industrial planning, detailed planning and special planning of the park.

?  It has won the "Advanced Award of HSE management" of many enterprises, the honor certificate of safety working hours exceeding 100000 hours, the honor certificate of management, strong implementation and service in place

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