By Nancy Krohn

Located in a beautiful valley in Southeastern Minnesota, Bluff Country Shetlands is home to a small flock of 15 beautiful Shetland sheep. Good conformation has always been the number one priority in Bluff Country Shetlands' breeding plan. We decided to add the focus of breeding for spots and a specific marking pattern! Although excellent conformation and soft, dense fleece will remain a top priority, we will be breeding towards a particular spotting pattern referred to as: HST: Head/Socks/Tail. This pattern exhibits white areas on the head, legs and tail of the animals that carry it. We LOVE the eye-catching quality of a spotted Shetland, but prefer the solid color fleeces for handspinning....HST markings give us the best of both worlds! Now we are focusing on trying to reproduce these striking markings, consistently! ...here’s our story:


After much research and visiting Shetland Farms in three different states, I selected the foundation animals that would be the building blocks of Bluff Country Shetlands in early 2001. My primary focus was on excellent conformation for my foundation flock.

We started off with 5 solid colored ewes and 2 rams. My rams were "Dillon", a 2 year old grey (born flecket) and a black & white ram lamb named Zorro. I purchased Zorro and Dillon from Nancy & Jerome Larsen, of Sheepy Hollow Shetlands. On the day that he was born, Nancy e-mailed me a photo of Zorro, the most adorable little black & white, yuglet/sokket/bielset, ram lam